Our wedding is famous-ish

Erin and I have been saying all along that our plan for our wedding suits us just fine. And while we wouldn’t change a thing about it, we recognize that it’s not for everybody. Some people want The Big Wedding. And those weddings are great. Hell, our first weddings were Big Weddings. In fact, we just recently went to a wedding of some close friends that was Big Wedding-style and had a fantastic time. (I had such a good time, I did “the worm” on the dance floor.* Before you ask, I was sober. No, really, I was driving!)

But you couldn’t make us do that all over again if you paid us.

Apparently, we’re not alone in wanting to do it differently. This week’s Time Out Chicago feature story is all about non-traditional wedding celebrations. And guess who’s in the “I do, take two” article? Yeah, us!

I know this seems like I was trying to brag on us in the pages of my employer, and weaseled my way into the story, but I had nothing to do with it. The writer is a freelancer friend of ours, and independently decided our wedding is so awesome that it had to be shared with the entire city of Chicago (or at least TOC‘s circulation).

So go check it out. It talks about the details of our wedding, and features this money quote from my future Mrs.: “I think I would have stabbed myself in the uterus if I had to think about things like flower arrangements and invitations again.” – Scott

* If you want to learn how to do the worm, watch this video.

7 responses to “Our wedding is famous-ish

  1. That fact that perfect strangers are flowing a blog in regards to your wedding week does make it famous-ish.

  2. Your wedding totally deserves to be famous. I am excited to hear about all the cheese.

  3. glamour magazine too? remember the little people!

  4. Heh. It’s true. We’re just waiting for a bunch of folks to misinterpret this blog aaaaany second now. 🙂

    The record: this isn’t a virtual wedding, of course, no live-blogging the ceremony. Just a nice written record of our weekend we’re sharing with everyone.

  5. oh, I didn’t mean that in a jerky way. i think this site is a great idea. i was just teasing! 🙂

  6. No, no! I know you didn’t! It just dawned on us that that kind of exposure might open us up to that. Which is OK. We know how the game is played since, you know, we’re big players of it ourselves!

    Viva la Internet!

  7. Hey, that first wedding planner they quoted was MY day-of planner! She was fabulous …

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