Music to marry by

Hopefully by day’s end I will have figured out how to set up the official Scott and Erin Get Married Soundtrack.

For those of you who know us personally, the fact that we’ve put together a soundtrack for our wedding should not surprise you in the slightest bit. We live for excuses to make a modern-day mix tape.

We’re working on two things: a player so you can listen to the songs from the comfort of this Web site or, if you are so inclined, downloadable files so you can bring the magic to your iPod. Or something. Trust us, though. The songs we’ve picked out are fantastic.

– Erin

7 responses to “Music to marry by

  1. Scott, with your connections I figured you’d nab Dennis DeYoung to sing “The Best of Times” live, on the farm. Guess he has other priorities, no?

  2. HA!

  3. He’s probably still irked that TOC gave “Hunchback” a bad review so it’s prob best if I not ask too many favors. – Scott

  4. You guys are total dorks, but at least Scott didn’t propose to Erin via Twitter a la Bonner.

    That said i love you both.

  5. As I just IMed Scott from across the hall at work here, please step it up with the downloadable tuneage. I’m waiting. Oh right, right, I meant to say: Congrats.

  6. Where’s Richard Marx?

  7. He’s right here waiting for us…

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