Thank you, law of averages!

So in a first for either Scott or I, our little wedding blog here actually hit #2 in the “Fastest Growing Blogs” at today, as measured by, well,

Much like the Amazon rankings, this doesn’t mean a whole lot when you consider the competition and our ready-built audience, but it was a nice thing, just the same. The only blog to beat us to the top was Barack Obama For President 2008 and I’m gonna be honest with you: if any blog is going to beat us, it might as well be the one that’s promoting an Obama win next month.

(Which, in lieu of gifts, cast your vote in honor of us and vote Obama! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!)

It’s been a fun day for us, and we’ve just been blown away by everyone who’s come by the site to visit and say hi. We’d like to clarify that we’re not really “inviting” people to a “virtual wedding.” This blog is as much for us as it is for our friends and loved ones. It’s a way for us to capture the weekend – again, we’re not live-blogging the ceremony, or having a live stream, despite what some friends and loved ones would like! I live my life pretty publicly. At least virtually I do. This isn’t to say I can’t experience something without sharing it on the Internet, but I ask myself, “Why wouldn’t I?” I’m being quite serious when I tell you that the untold joy that blogging and community has brought me over the years makes doing this pretty effortless.

I’ve made very true connections with people as a result of this hobby – it wouldn’t seem right not to have some fun and share some of this with them, with you.

Anyway, so I know some folks might get the wrong idea, and it makes me sorta sad – though thrilled with the work that clearly lies ahead of us – that we still live in a culture that believes these electronic boxes on our desks at home and at work are somehow a hindrance rather than an opportunity. That the connections made via this technology aren’t as organic or authentic as those we make in our “real” lives. I believe in the work that I do each day because I know first-hand that this is a misconception. What we can achieve online, together, as one big ol’ global community, is immeasurable. My almost-husband believes that equally.

Never will you find a household more passionate about the Internet than ours.

So we’re glad you’re here and I hope you know that we have more respect for you than to do this as a stunt. Marriage, after all, is no gimmick. Neither is this.

But it is pretty fun. 🙂

— Erin

EDIT: An earlier version of this post had a link to Glamour’s Smitten blog, which posted about our wedding plans. That post is still floating around in the ether of the Internet but due to some technical difficulties on Glamou’rs site, the live link has changed. It’s here now. – Scott


3 responses to “Thank you, law of averages!

  1. Are all American’s so into the political race? I mean, there is nothing wrong with having interest and an opinion on who should lead the country, it’s good that people are actually passionate about that – but shouldn’t people decide for themselves which party’s values and policies suit them, rather than be pressured into it by other people, even friends or family?
    I guess I’m in no position to comment, I’m an Australian after all, which is probably why I am a bit short on this matter.
    Either way, congratulations on #2 fastest growing blog today (I managed to rank 27, which is the best I’ve done yet 😀 ), and congratulations on getting married.

  2. Hi Dean! Welcome to the blog – and congrats on the ranking today!

    Right now, thankfully, everyone is pretty keyed up about it here in the States. A lot is at stake here, and so we’re all very passionate about the outcome – some more than others, to be sure.

    And they DEFINITELY should cast their vote based on what is best for them and their families, and most of the folks who know us know we’d never actually pressure them to vote for anyone other than the candidate they want. We’re really just teasing, though Obama is very much “our guy.”

    THAT said, I’m Catholic, and we’ve learned a little guilt goes a long way. 🙂

  3. Erin and Scott- SO happy for you, getting married together- but alone- is amazing. I wouldn’t have suggested any other way. There is nothing inbetween you 2, no worries about limos, cakes, flowers, etc.. Congratulations!!

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