On our way home

So we’re all packed up and have 24 minutes to vacate the B&B. We are dragging this out as much as possible.

Case in point? We’re actively watching “Nightmare on Elm Street” on AMC right now (“I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy!“). Neither of us much wants to leave, but thankfully we have almost an entire day left, one we plan on spending going from shop to shop, driving around and making our way back to New Hampshire. First stop is Bentley’s for a bloody Mary – thanks, Ky!

We’ll have more to say in detail about the trip when we get home, no doubt. I’d like to tell you more about the ceremony itself, saving some parts for ourselves, but definitely not the part where I nearly bit it walking up the steep slope up to the chapel. Or the part where a bunch of people gathered outside the chapel and watched, and cheered and clapped when we walked out. There also was all of the cheese. Seriously. We spent so much on cheese and maple syrup they gave us a discount.

I could go and on and on about how complete and whole it feels to finally be married to each other, how wonderful it feels to call Scott my husband and (Holy crap! I forgot Johnny Depp gets sucked into his bed!) that we keep staring at our rings but you probably assumed all of that. All of it is true.

We are very very happy.


7 responses to “On our way home

  1. Erin, I’ve been reading your site for years, and I mostly lurk, but I just wanted to say congratulations to both of you. May you have many, many happy years together.

    Also, you two? So cute together!! 🙂

  2. congratulations, peeps! thinking of you and wishing you much luck.

  3. I, too, am a lurker. Congratulations! Best Wishes!


  4. Congratulations! Erin, I’d lost track of you but was so happy to hear your news. Second marriages are The Best.

  5. Congratulations Erin & Scott. I’m so happy for you both!

  6. Everytime I see a picture of you two, it’s just Automatic AWWWWW!!!

  7. As a fellow eloper I say you did GOOD! It is all about doing what you want to do to make the day perfect for the both of you. Period.

    Personally the thought of a big ass wedding was so totally intimidating, scary and expensive. Will never regret eloping to HI and doing exactly what we wanted to do. No stress just getting married as we so wanted to do..

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