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Town Hall

Getting our marriage license today was the exact sort of experience you’d hope you’d have when going to the town hall of a small town.

Everyone was friendly, and kind, and moved at a pace so relaxed that, at first, it’s unnerving and you sort of wonder if you’re doing something wrong and then you realize. Nope. You’re just not in Chicago anymore. The street signs are kinda vague, and for the most part include arrows pointing in non-specific directions. I’m guessing this is because nothing is so urgent around here that you can’t afford a few extra minutes to get lost and turn yourself around.

Anyway, the town clerk typed out our license on a typewriter, despite having a computer, and handled answering phones, people voting, folks picking up dog licenses, all at the same time. Folks came in and congratulated us as soon as they heard why we were there, and one couple could not have been more thrilled for us. They shouted at people passing by the office, calling them over, introducing us, announcing our wedding tomorrow. An older gentleman with a cane, wearing a Smith & Wesson cap told the following joke:

Do you know what they call a bachelor? A man who hasn’t made the same mistake once.

He told us he was “voting for Palin” because he fell in love with her as soon as he saw her. Scott remarked that he didn’t say he was voting for McCain. Heh.

We left really happy, and drove to the nearby town, where our justice of the peace owns the town general store, and met up with him to go over tomorrow’s ceremony. He made us sandwiches – really amazing, delicious, fresh sandwiches – from his store’s deli and we paid for them and headed back to the B&B.

Getting married here feels more and more right with each passing hour.


Holy Moses

Scott and I just finished breakfast.

Maine lobster quiche. With bacon. And homemade bread. And baked apples. And homemade coffee cake. And freshly squeezed orange juice.

Right now, we’re undecided as to whether or not we will marry each other and instead marry this B&B.

We’ve arrived, and to prove it we’re here*

We made it to our B&B. When you hear the words “Vermont B&B,” you probably think of some crunchy granola place run by a bunch of dirty hippies. I know I did. But this place is amazing. A lovely, quaint, historical inn run by two wonderful people, just down the street from “town,” where we had a lovely dinner at a place called Bentley’s.

It’s obvious Bentley’s is THE place in town to hang out. As Erin pointed out earlier tonight, THE place in town doesn’t always have the best food, just a little better than the other places. But Bentley’s has fantastic food, and they make a damn fine dirty martini. We’d recommend the crab cakes and the prosciutto ravioli. I think we’ll end up going back there again for drinks after dinner.

Here are some other highlights of the day:

– Southwest Airlines. For the longest time, I only flew SWA. Then once I got a bit more money, I dabbled in the other airlines. Your Uniteds, your Americans, etc. I don’t know why I strayed. First of all, SWA doesn’t take on extra fees. Plus, they have three times as many check-in agents as the other airlines. And lastly, they have luxurious, comfy faux-leather seats with embedded USB and A/C plugs. Southwest Airlines, you complete me.

– The three 50ish ladies at our gate that were dressed in gold lame capes. This was probably some Ya-Ya Sisterhood thing. It took everything in my power not to go up to them and shake their hands for their moxie. They wore capes! I was reading comics at the time, so when I looked up it was like I stumbled into some subplot about superheroines from Vegas.

– The drive down. Our little rented Chevy is really easy to get to 90. The only problem is that it makes it hard to take in the glorious changing colors.

– The proprietor of the B&B. When she saw Erin’s Obama button, she complimented her on it. Erin said she wasn’t sure how it would be received since we saw so many McCain/Palin yard signs on the way in. “Oh no,” our proprietor said, “Vermont is a cool state.” Obama=Cool.

For commentary about today from Erin, and some photos, check out our Flickr stream here.

* I will give $5 to the person who can identify this musical reference.