Q. Where are you getting married?
A. We are getting married in Woodstock, VT at the Sugarbush Dairy Farm.

Q. Ooh, will there be cheese?
A. Probably before and after.

Q. What about during?
A. I don’t think so. No one should say “I do” with a mouthful of gouda.

Q. When is this again?
A. October 25.

Q. What time?
A. Er…why?

Q. Well if I’m in the neighborhood, I was thinking …
A. No.

Q. I’ll bring a gift!
A. That’s lovely of you, but no. We want this to be very small: Just the two of us.

Q. Then why start a blog about it? Is it because you two have huge, massive egos?
A. Partly. But having a small wedding like this was never about excluding our friends and family, it was about creating a moment that reflected our feelings about marriage: Ultimately it’s not about the food, the flowers, the DJ, or the public display, it’s about two people and the commitment they make to each other. None of the rest of it will keep you married. You need to make the two of you the primary concern.

Q. Er, you didn’t answer my question.
A. Oh, right, sorry, I got all pontificatery there. Even though having our wedding this way meant we wouldn’t have our friends and family there, we still wanted to be able to document the proceedings in some way, and allow people to follow our whole weekend. In fact, by documenting it via our blog and our Twitter streams, they’ll actually have more detail about the wedding than they would if they just attended the wedding.

Q. Wait, what’s Twitter?
A. This.

Q. So you’re going to Twitter during the wedding?
A. No, that would be weird.

Q. But right after, right?
A. Oh yeah, totally.

Q. How about live streaming video?
A. Neither one of us fancies ourselves to be Julia Allison, so no. This isn’t about us thinking we’re so awesome that the world is dying for moment-by-moment updates. We just wanted to preserve the feeling of this, and share it with people we love.

Q. So are you taking a honeymoon?
A. Yes, but not until December. We’ll be going to Cancun to see our friends Spetz and Nicole get married …

Q. What’s a Spetz?
A. Can I finish without you interrupting?

Q. Sorry.
A. Thanks. Anyway, they’re getting married there and we were so happy to be going that we decided to spend a week enjoying the sun and the swim-up bar.

Q. That sounds great. I’m very happy for you. What kinds of stuff will be on this blog?
A. It’ll mostly be a travelogue about our trip, how we’re spending our time, pictures of the weekend…

Q. What about pictures of the cheese?
A. …

Q. I’ll stop interrupting.
A. Thank you. Mainly it will be whatever strikes our fancy.

Q. Oh man, I haven’t had my fancy struck since college.
A. Sigh.


19 responses to “FAQ

  1. I would like pictures of the cheese!

  2. Oh, girlfriend, there shall be cheese!

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  4. This is why I love you guys.

    Scott, how in the world did you find Erin? If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she hung out with you in college. I’ve never met someone more compatible with you.

    Erin, once in a while, a friend falls in love and says “hey, you gotta meet this girl.” And you’re skeptical, and you wonder if it’s the one. With you, there is no doubt. There is nobody else.


  5. Scott, I love the fact that cheese has factored into your wedding FAQ.

  6. It’s the most marital of all cracker toppings. – Scott

  7. Excellent idea you two! We’ll be excited about following all the details next weekend. Well, maybe not all the details, but you know what I mean. Congratulations! We’re so happy for you!

  8. well said Matt!!

    love you guys…
    Erin is the most awesomest sister-in-law ever…
    Scott’s a pretty rad brother…

  9. I know I’ve said this before, but yay for Woodstock, VT. I cannot think of a more beautiful place for a beautiful union to solidify (I was going to say begin, but it really already has begun, hasn’t it?) Can’t wait to follow along here!

  10. Scott and Erin,

    This blog is making me so happy! You are absolutely making the right decision. I hope you have an amazing time in VT, and I look forward to seeing you during my break in Dec/Jan!

  11. Okay I laughed more than once and am, again, getting weird looks at work… which feeds my ego as I’m at least being noticed. (Hey, you not gonna review me and give me my incredibly overdue cost-of-living, much less merit, raise, you ain’t gettin’ much.)

    Anyhow, I digress. Instead of videostreaming the wedding, why not do like the livestream of the coffee pot I remember some computer lab (I think at MIT) having, and just stream a piece of cheese during which time you’re getting hitched? Just a thought… because have 50 minutes left at work and absolutely nothing to do.

    Love you guys!

  12. Love this site. Erin, I have never met you, but I feel like I have known you as long as I’ve known Scott. Seems like a lot of celebrating in Cancun: Spetz getting married, you guys newlyweds, Doug and I 10 years…yes we are that old.

  13. You guys are the best. So, I wish the best to both of you!

    Also … will there be any soft creamy buttery cheeses?

  14. James Koh we miss you!!

    There WILL be such cheeses. Mark my word.

  15. I’m STILL trying to figure out what a Spetz is all about.

    What I HAVE figured out is how happy I am for Scott & Erin.

    Like Joey said, it seems like I’ve known Erin forever even though we just met last year. Scott deserves the best… and he’s got it.

    Nicole and I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

    Wow, how mushy. Sorry if anyone threw up on their keyboard after reading this…

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  17. You crazy kids with your Internet and your Tweeters and your cheese. Godspeed. I’ll be tracking your progress if I can figure out how to work this thing.

  18. Scott – I’ve been thinking about you knowing that this VT thing is underway and I’m so happy for both you and Erin!
    Erin – I haven’t met you yet but I’m looking forward to it. Just knowing how happy you make Scott is all it takes for me to know that you are one cool chick!

    And to both of you – Ben & I wish you both much love and happiness together! We also really love that you get to eat cheese before AND after the ceremony. That rocks.

    Love the website – thanks for including all of us!

  19. Hubby and I eloped to Hawaii some 17 years ago. Had the dress (simple) I loved, a gorgeous setting and a fab dinner planned for after the ceremony and pics. It was all I wanted from the day. Simple, just the two of us. I would not change it for the world. We both completely enjoyed making our vows on our terms for US!

    Looks like you had a beautiful and meaningful day. Congratulations!

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