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Not a virtual wedding, people.

You know, I know the Glamour magazine writer meant no harm, but the story has been picked up and I feel like we need to clarify something, again:

We are not having a virtual wedding.

I repeat: We are not having a virtual wedding.

No one is live-blogging the ceremony, or live-streaming it, or anything. We are documenting our trip, just like any other travelogue, only during ours we’re getting married, too. OY. If I have to read one more nasty comment about us and this blog I might flip out, and I don’t want to do that on the cusp of something that’s supposed to be a happy time.

I still maintain that people get the wrong idea about life as it’s lived online, which is to say that anything you write about or post online isn’t somehow real. I imagine in a few years, when a younger generation, whose lives are lived online as well, and they’re the main consumers of our society, people will have to get over their fears and misconceptions about being online. Either that or perish. I’m not saying you need to do what Scott and I are doing – which is NOT having a virtual wedding, Judgey McJudgertons! – but you do need to stop being so afraid of the world online that you ignore it and poo-pooh it at every turn. I think a lot of the seemingly angry comments that we got have to do with people making grand assumptions and having some pre-conceived notions about doing anything online.

Just the same, I wanted to clear it up for anyone because it’s been bugging me for days, every since the Glamour post came out. Not a virtual wedding, people. Calm down.